Mission of the company Gazprombank Leasing
The mission of Gazprombank Leasing is to develop business across the country and, using the company's full potential, improve the reputation of Russian entrepreneurship in the international financial arena to the maximum.

While continuously and relentlessly following our mission, we are:

  • actively involved in the development of the country's real economy, increasing the competitiveness and efficiency of the business of Russian companies by providing high-quality leasing services
  • implementing leasing projects on the best terms and providing a full range of financial leasing services in Russia
  • constantly improving the level of our legal, economic and financial culture as a result of strict adherence to the law, timely and complete fulfillment of obligations towards the shareholder, clients and partners
  • providing a reliable basis for our clients and partners to make sound management decisions in the financial sphere
  • пoffering the best possible conditions to enter into and finance transactions, taking into account all features of each client and partner, carefully approaching the valuation and minimization of the risks of leasing transaction participants
  • providing comprehensive assistance in securing leasing projects and forming long-term partnership, promoting our clients' businesses
  • continuously accumulating our professional experience and knowledge, using the most advanced financial technologies and the business process control automation system

Corporate Values

Gratitude and Respect
We smile and bring positive energy and goodness to our company. We say “Thank you” for any help and attention.
Hear – Listen, Respect – Appreciate
We always listen to the speaker all the way through and do not interrupt. Before criticizing, we always look at the situation through the opponent's eyes.
Responsible Approach to Business
We always keep our promises. We promise what we are able do.
The Effectiveness of Each Employee is the Result of the Team
Each of us is successful only if our team is successful. We always focus on the end result, on the overall team goal.
Personalized Approach to Business
We offer various alternative and sometimes non-standard solutions for our customers' objectives. After all, long-term relations are always more important to us than a short-term profit.
Keeping the Best when Changing Ourselves
We are ready to change and try something new. We take risks, learn from mistakes, and constantly move forward. We offer new ideas.
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