About company

Gazprombank Leasing is a multi-purpose leasing company. It was founded in 2003. It is part of the Gazprombank Group, which unites large companies in the financial sphere, petrochemical industry, engineering and media business.
Today, the company occupies a leading position on the leasing market and is among the TOP-5 largest leasing companies in Russia.
Maxim Kalinkin
CEO, Gazprombank Leasing Group

About us in numbers

17 years since 2003
Top-5 leasing companies in Russia
350 sales outlets
>1300 implemented projects

Gazprombank Leasing is an authorized partner of Gazprombank for implementation of leasing projects in the branch network throughout Russia (20 branches, over 350 sales outlets).
Gazprombank Leasing possesses advanced technologies, broad expertise in various sectors of the economy and access to the necessary financing, and offers custom solutions for the development of your business, which will propel it to new heights!


We have been working on the market for 15 years as part of the country's largest financial holding, Gazprombank Group. We have one of the best risk management systems.
We take into account the specifics of the client’s business to the fullest possible extent and try to choose the best possible financing conditions.
We adhere to the highest standards of service quality. We achieve this through the professionalism of employees and investment in their development.
We strive to offer our clients the most advanced financial solutions and are introducing new services and technologies continuously.
We work through the regional network of Gazprombank encompassing 20 branches and over 350 sales outlets throughout Russia.
Custom-Tailored Approach
We offer personalized solutions addressing customers' objectives to the fullest extent possible.
Annual Leasing Conference
The conference will take part
representatives of leasing companies, government agencies and institutions market development.
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