State programs

Leasing is one of the most efficient financial instruments for the modernization of production funds. Therefore, the State implements at the federal and regional levels a number of business support programs through leasing mechanisms, using subsidizing and concessional financing.


  1. Subsidizing for the advance payment lessee under the leasing agreement.
  2. Subsidizing for the interest rate lessee under lease payments.

Concessional financing

  1. Soft loan for the lessee to provide an advance payment under the leasing agreement.
  2. Soft loan for the leasing company to finance the acquisition of a leased asset.
To become a state program participant the lessee must meet several criteria:
  • creation of new cost-effective and environmentally-friendly production facilities,
  • development of industrial production in terms of increasing the release of high-tech products,
  • growth of labor productivity through the use of advanced technologies and modern equipment and the creation of highly productive jobs,
  • increase in labor productivity through the use of advanced technologies and modern equipment and the creation of high-performance workplaces,
  • creating conditions to promote innovative Russian products and technologies on world markets,
  • improving energy efficiency and resource saving.
  • registration and tax accounting in the region where it is planned to receive a subsidy,
  • headcount of employees – less than 250 people,
  • revenue over the previous calendar year – less than 2 billion rubles, VAT exclusive,
  • the total share of participation by foreign legal entities, Russian government institutions,
  • Russian large businesses in the authorized capital – 25% maximum,
  • no arrears for payment of taxes, charges under the leasing agreement,
  • the company does not produce and does not sell excisable goods, does not mine and does not sell minerals (with some exceptions).
  • registration on the territory of the Russian Federation,
  • activities on the territory of the Russian Federation, on the continental shelf or in the exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation.
Gazprombank Leasing has established contacts with the executive authorities responsible for implementation of current programs. We will give you all the help you need to get a leasing subsidy or concessional financing.

Get more information on state programs

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Government Relations Department

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